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Various Illustrations

Project: Personal Work (2016-2017 collection)

This is a private space gone public. Or a collection of illustrations created by Paul Vîrlan. 

The digital art showcased here is created as fragments of beauty and space that embody rough edges and forms, unexpected combinations of colors and a personal interpretation of the everyday life. All of these, experienced / featured within a smooth outline of imagination.

1. "The little boy fell asleep hugging a teddy bear"

2. "The sailor's nightmare of losing his cat"

  3. "A Major" & "G Major"

  4. "Akaname taking a bath" (censored version)

5. "Listening to Ryo Fukui with my guardian angel"

  6. "∞ indigo jam"

7. "Le petit Alchimiste"

8. "C'est Moi"

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