Ratz Arena

Project: Hybrid Video Game (Unreleased)

Client: GoX Games

Art Directing, Animation, UI, Character & Enviroment design: Paul Vîrlan

Unity: Cristian Mihail Tudor

Ratz Arena is a 2D video game about a group of rats that fight for supremacy within a cesspool. As an arena fighting game, the rats can upgrade their skills and achieve more powerful weapons through fighting sessions in arenas. The rats bet everything on their victory and they either leave as winners or as losers.


This video game was created for the Steam digital distribution platform, with a mobile version for iPad included. Ratz Arena can be played in two game mode styles, the Versus mode and the Story mode.

In the Versus mode, you can play Capture the Flag, Deathmatch or Team Deathmatch. The Story mode allows you to learn more about the characters and collect several trophies.