Think. Think. Draw.

We craft brands and visual systems that merge the right kind of story with function. We offer complete services of branding, including logo design, packaging design, naming, copywriting, and brand strategy. 


We are always open to exploring the new media world.

We believe in being doers and thinkers as well.

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We love shapes, words and concepts. 

We craft brands and visual systems that merge the right kind of story with function.



Visual Identity System

━ Logo Design

Brand Architecture

Packaging Architecture & Design



Visuals don`t just look, they talk!

We write your story.  We pick your words. We think your voice.


━ Brand Story

Brand Strategy

Brand Naming

 Products Naming



This list is by no means the limit of our design capabilities and you can ask for our expertise.


Brand Collaterals





Advertising Campaigns

Think &

Draw & Everything in between

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ASF becomes a⬟story following a rebranding process that reflects more what they believe in and how they see the technology world.

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Moţochina is a synonym for moţ and gogoaşă, but we can also find it in the context of something round-shaped that grows on the oak branches, called oak galls.



Science Center aiming to be the core of the future development of science and technology industries in Iași and Romania.

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Write & Everything in between




You know those branding and design books with 14-size font, pink pages, blank pages, foldable pages, le design graphique, books that comfort you by saying it’s a one flight read or a beach day read? Well, those books help you not to be perceived as too serious while reading them.


Maybe because no one ever wanted to become a brand strategist or a brand designer when they were kids. So branding must look like it has some fun and glory in it. And it has. The best part is when the fun and glory pass on to your way of work.

Believing in talent is dangerous. Talent is your cat doing nothing all day long but having an attitude like it actually does something very important.


Your turn to Think & Write & Everything in between