We are

knowledge workers.

Still workers.

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Paul Vîrlan

Founder, brand designer and visual artist.

I studied Illustration at George Enescu National University of Arts in Iași and I am currently living in Bucharest, Romania.

I was always searching for people who can think & draw and people who can think & write. Now this small chain of people is linked and we take every challenge like an opportunity to move the new and existing brands to the next level.


V R L N was founded in 2018 as an independent design studio with a focus on the unification of thinking and design in branding. 

We make it work,  we make it pragmatic and personal.

We believe in making sense instead of making a difference and we are collaborating with other people to make things happen.




Most of us don’t know how to talk with ourselves about a dream before saying it to others. But when we learn to do that, it doesn’t feel like a dream. It feels like something natural to think and do. Something functional. And that’s better than whatever having a dream means. 


So f_ck dreams. F_ck your dream, our dream, anyone’s dream. Just don’t become the others.