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Ștefana Gabor-Stoica

Ștefana Gabor-Stoica

Paul Vîrlan 

Paul Vîrlan 

Mihai Trandafirescu

Cavel Jan

a⬟story infuse humanity in technology and keeps it there

throughout all their activities.

The company Advantage Software Factory, abbreviated as ASF, was founded in 2000 and in 2020, ASF is renamed a⬟story following a rebranding process that reflects more of what they believe in and how they see the technology world.

New name, same people

The brand name a⬟story is a contracted form of Advantage Software Factory, that was created to represent the company in a more human way. Being an acronym pronounced as two actual words, astory has the potential for creating a distinctive and relatable brand voice.

Prezentare PortofoliuOld - New copy.jpg.

New logo, same people 

The logo displays the structure and angularity of a custom-made type and the symbol of human perfection through the geometric form of a pentagon. All as visual representations in a digital world.

Prezentare PortofoliuOld - New.jpg
Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 1.jpg

The design language follows the idea that the digital world can be reduced to one singular graphic element, the pixel. Here, the pixel has the shape of a pentagon.

Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 2 copy 2.j
Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 2 copy 3.j

The pentagon was replicated to create an entire grid structure for the letters of the name. The custom-made font is inspired by LED panels technology used in the beginnings.


Visual Identity

The visual identity is inspired by the idea of infusing humanity in technology and the constant relation between these two elements.

Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 15.jpg
Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 16.jpg
Prezentare PortofoliuBusiness Cards.jpg
Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 4.jpg
Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 4 copy.jpg
Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 10.jpg


Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 14
Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 13.jpg

astory TXT is a font developed to be used for the visual identities of the company products. 

Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 7 copy.jpg
Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 14.jpg
Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 1 copy.jpg

Capone, an enterprise debt collection technology, enables collection entities to control, manage and automate the collection processes, delivering a wide range of functionalities and flexibility, with a surprisingly short implementation time.


The solution helps companies to improve the cash flow, while optimizing collection costs.

Product Logo: Capone

Capone - Old_New.jpg
Capone - lockups.jpg
Capone - logo system.jpg
Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 7 copy 2.j




functional icons stroke-01.png
Asset 2.png
Asset 3.png
Asset 4.png
Asset 6.png
Asset 5.png

Illustrative Icons

illustrative icons-01.png


Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 20.jpg
Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 17.jpg
Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 18.jpg
Asset 1.png
Prezentare PortofoliuArtboard 19.jpg
Documents management.png
Champion challenger.png


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