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Cosette Chichirău

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Brand Copywriter

Brand Strategist

Brand Designer







Personal Branding, Political Campaign



Ștefana Gabor-Stoica

Ștefana Gabor-Stoica

Paul Vîrlan 

After our first meeting with Cosette Chichirău, we instantly knew we want to work for her and help her team reach the political aim of creating a new local and national political scene.

Have a look at some of the most important parts of the personal branding process we visually and verbally defined.

Logo process sketches for Cosette Chichirau
Logo process sketches for Cosette Chichirau

Brand Tagline

În continuare, cred.

This tagline is following up the concept of perseverance, of constantly having a purpose, no matter what. As a dynamic tagline, it can be used both as a political campaign headline and as a specific ending-phrase message, especially in digital communication.


În continuare, candidez.

În continuare, colaborez.


În continuare, cred în Iași.

În continuare, caut solutii.

Cosette Chichirau logo

Brand Positioning

Cosette Chichirău’s persona implies the emergence of a new political profile. This new profile highlights an authentic, intelligent, and hands-on politician, with an honest way of thinking, a fiercely discipline, and with the power to make things happen.

Brand Concept


Evolution requires a strategic, decisive, and conscious endeavor of building a mental and professional discipline. Not very easy to say or apply this, though.

But discipline is the groundwork of a unique evolution, with long-term impact. Cosette Chichirău is a self-aware individual and a hard-working politician with the perfect amount of tenacity and intelligence to change things for the better.

Identitate vizuala Cosette Chichirau
Identitate vizuala Cosette Chichirau

Verbal Identity

Cosette Chichirău, deputatul tău is the main form of the brand’s verbal identity.

Cosette is another form of verbal identity already in use, a simplified and friendly one that could be used with the phrases pentru Iași, pentru România, pentru sănătate, pentru educație and pentru infrastructură, especially in digital communication.


Cosette Chichirău, deputatul tău | Cosette Chichirău

Cosette pentru Iași | Cosette pentru România

Cosette pentru sănătate | Cosette pentru educație | Cosette pentru infrastructură    


Cosette Chichirău definitely has the resources, the energy, and the tenacity Romania needs to change things for the better.

Political Speech

Cosette Chichirău’s political speech should be clear and straight-forward, articulated and compelling, about an attainable future we all want to live in. In other words, it should be a political speech able to create an emotional investment throughout the Romanian young citizens.

Brand Rethoric

Identitate vizuala Cosette Chichirau
Identitate vizuala Cosette Chichirau
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