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Brand Designer





Rebranding, Packaging



Paul Vîrlan 

Gilano Dates is one of the leading dates exporters and suppliers in Pakistan. Their product goes from Pakistan's soils directly to USA, UK, Canada, Japan, and Norway.

Our mission was to redesign the entire company's visual identity and to create a new packaging architecture and design for their product.

New Logo

The old logo had a lot of difficulties in implementation because of the inconsistency in line drawing and level of detail. The solution was to design a logomark as jewelry that can work with any kind of printing technique including engraving and embossing. The new logotype is simplified keeping alive the personality of the old one but improving readability and usability. 

Old New.png

The overall shape of the logomark

can be read as a date and a date palm tree.

Visual Identity

The graphic language contains curved lines and patterns, denoting the diversity of both featured elements varies in nature. All these lines enhance the organic look and feel of the brand. 

Gilano - Visual Identity.png

Brand fonts

Artboard 1.png
Artboard 1 copy 2.png
Artboard 1 copy 3.png
Artboard 1 copy.png

Cards inside the packaging

business card.jpg

Business card

Packaging Architecture

GILANO is about culture and heritage created by Pakistani families from all around the country. To incorporate this in our story, we created a pattern that shows unity and a color palette inspired by the dominant colors of each Pakistani region where dates are harvested.

Gilano PackagingArtboard 1.jpg
Gilano PackagingArtboard 1 copy.jpg
Gilano PackagingArtboard 1 copy 2.jpg
ReelArtboard 1 copy 3.jpg
ReelArtboard 1 copy 4.jpg
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