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Paul Vîrlan 

Sylvain Racine

Guudbjorn AB is a private company born in Sweden in 2018 with a global mindset that aims to create, develop, and market branded consumer goods for China and the rest of Asia.

Guudbjorn AB also supports Asian retail chains by offering them a complete solution that allows them to import their own private-label products made in Europe and North America.

"Freedom to roam"

The freedom to roam is the principle, protected by the law, that gives all people the right to roam freely in nature. Sleep on mountaintops, by the lakes, in quiet forests or beautiful meadows.

logo origins.jpg

Logo Concept

Guudbjorn Presentaiton-05.jpg
Guudbjorn Presentaiton-07.jpg

Guud + bjorn

Guud might be just another word meaning “better than good”, or in Sweden it might be mistaken for “God”. Yes, they aim for the best.


Bjorn can be a person's first name or a bear. Together, those words become Guudbjorn, an entity ready to grow in a world where people, animals and goods are free to roam with respect for environment and nature.

What does

the guud bjorn eat?

corporate logo progress.jpg
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corporate logo vertical lockup.jpg


Sweden Sans "a typeface commissioned by the Swedish government. It’s designed to give a consistent voice to the country’s international promotions, from Sweden’s official compilation of pop music to a slick new national website."

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guudbjorn corporate logo red
guudbjorn corporate logo red
guudbjorn corporate logo light brown
guudbjorn corporate logo light brown
guudbjorn corporate logo light grey
guudbjorn corporate logo light grey
guudbjorn corporate logo dark grey
guudbjorn corporate logo dark grey


corporate website landing page


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corporate stationery.jpg
corporate stationery grid.jpg
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