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Paul Vîrlan 

KINDAKOL believes that coal will continue to play an important role in global production and it is important that this is done cleanly and satisfactorily.


The logotypes describe the combination of an eco-friendly product developed in a harsh environment like Iceland. The rocky environment inspires straight angles, and the letter “O” was changed to describe the new sustainable coal developed by KINDAKOL.

The logotype intention is to be serious, and stable but with a soft approach. The contrast between rectangular shapes, angles, and round shapes communicates the association between natural spirituality and the engineering part of the business.

Logotype KINDAKOL.png

Visual Identity

The design language follows the idea that engineering and environment work together maintaining the balance for a healthy planet.

KINDAKOL Shapes are designed to obtain a mix of serious and playful look.

Artboard 1 copy 3.png
Artboard 1 copy 4.png

Business cards

Advertising materials

Artboard 1 copy 9.png

Employee helmet

Artboard 1 copy 11.png
Artboard 1 copy 12.png
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