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Ștefana Gabor-Stoica

Ștefana Gabor-Stoica

Paul Vîrlan 

Adrian Ciorgovean

moțochine is a street food sweet shop selling one product only. A round, fried and filled dough one. The thinking process for our concept started with the product and its cooking similarity with papanași or gogoși.

Sweet name

Truth is there isn’t a direct link to papanași, except for the fact that our product is fried as well. (Although, please note that the fried version of papanași is originally from Moldova region, while people from Transylvania, part of former Austro-Hungarian Empire, used to boil them).


We saw a connection, though – that small ball people place on top of papanași has the same shape with our product. It’s like either the mini version of papanași or the “underestimated” part of papanași, just a decoration which everybody ignores, because they just want to dip into the cottage cheese and blackberry jam of papanași.


Well, that small ball is called moț (en. tussock or tuft) în papanași recipes. We dived even deeper into the word moț and we discovered moțochină, a less-known synonym for moț and gogoașă, but very appealing and welcoming. People won’t say “Let’s go to X”, but “Let’s have some moțochine”.

So moțochine, the plural form,

is the product name

and the brand name as well.


Sweet Logo

The name is written in lowercase letters only, because it is less intimidating and more inviting or familiar like this. The Art Nouveau-inspired font is a custom one, following the idea of decoration used in the inter-war era in Bucharest’s architecture and the decoration idea of what a moţ or a moţochină is.

Also, the decorative elements of the letters resemble some oriental imagery. The drawing and the lines of the letters could be also interpreted as the branches of an oak. So, the possibilities of visual interpretations are quite complex, but what’s truly important is that every visual element is well connected with the brand idea.


Moreover, we created a symbol as a condensed form of the logotype, for smaller brand materials, that could work very good on its own.

Logo + icon.jpg
Randare finala_2.jpg

Sweet Visual Identity

Colours don’t lie. We had this in mind when we chose a sweet colour palette with powerful, but warm colours like pink and red.

Randare finala_3.jpg

The circles are a 2D graphic element that simulate the basic shape of moţochine, in a light, simple way. Filled with different patterns – a visual element for different fillings, the circles become an extension of the round decorations we have in the logotype.

Cups copy.jpg
Square copy.jpg
Box takeaway.jpg
Coffee Cups copy.jpg


Font Detail2.jpg
Font Detail.jpg

Sweet brand rhetoric

Following the brand strategy of using a product name as a brand name, we will try to introduce the word into the everyday language of people. For this, we need to communicate as people do, not as brands do.

Nişte moţochine în viaţa ta, asta lipsea


Nu te poţi abţine de la moţochine


Azi-mâine, viaţa îţi cere nişte moțochine


Nişte moţochine şi e bine  


Moţochine şi viaţa-ţi aparţine


Moţochine pentru orişicine


Fără ruşine, nişte moţochine

Some moţochine in your life, if you were wondering what was missing


You just can’t hold back from moţochine


Soon, your life will ask you for some moţochine


Some moţochine and everything’s just fine


Some moţochine and life’s yours

 Moţochine for each and every one


Shamelessly, some moţochine

Randare finala_5.jpg
Promo Card copy.jpg

Sweet merchandise

Tshirts copy.jpg
Totebags copy.jpg

Online & Offline

Instagram Post copy.jpg
poster lansare.jpg
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