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Brand Designer 







Packaging Design



Paul Vîrlan 

Adrian Iorga

Brand History

Þykkvibær is the oldest village in Iceland, exact date of settlement is not known, but the town is first recorded in a church ledger book in the year 1270. Þykkvabær is known today for agriculture and mainly for growing potatoes. But a lesser known fact is the townsfolk use of horse-meat.


Eating horse-meat was for a long time a blasphemy in Iceland. But out of necessity and starvation the people of this little town broke a century old taboo. From this sacrilicious act came Skræður. A food delicacy with distinctive flavor profile. Confined to a small village for hundreds of years.


Skræður are for the first time being produced to reach awareness beyond the black beaches of Iceland. This semi-dried and quick fried snack has served not only as a nutrition during long winter nights but also as a snack for festivals and celebrations.

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Visual Identity

Eating horse-meat requires a certain attitude. It's a taboo for many nations, so the packaging, slogans and feel of the brand needed to be engaging. It had to be war-cry against every belief you ever had about food. Break the cycle, try it, eat horse and be a rebel, a rule breaker.

Who knows if you'll ever be stuck up on a glacier in a deep dark crack. Skræður might save you from starvation like that little town on the south coast of Iceland.

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