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Shopping City

Piatra Neamț

Project Type



Brand Designer





Branding (Pitch Nepi Rockastle)



Paul Vîrlan

For the people living in Piatra Neamţ, Shopping City is the new retail destination, the only mall, and the new pole of entertainment. It is the first option when it comes to fashion or daily shopping and the new cool gathering location for spending time out with family and friends.


The cultural and historical legacies of the region are synthesized in the idea of creating a small museum within the mall dedicated to the Cucuteni-Trypillia culture. The museum would showcase decorated pottery, ceramic figurines, stone, bone and metal artifacts, all dated back to the Neolithic archaeological era.

Cucuteni visual identity


The new identity highlights the geographical area of Piatra Neam, a place surrounded by four mountains that offer a spectacular and protective view over the city and its inhabitants.

shopping city piatra neamt logo
shopping city piatra neamt identitate vizuala
shopping city piatra neamt food court
mall signage design
shopping mall poster design
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